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Winning songwriters earn praise

The results have arrived for the Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand Song Writing Competition and the entry that was written and performed by Lidia Lirato, Grace Sih and Leuasa Ensink (pictured from left to right) was placed among the finalists. ‘If Only’ received the judges’ ‘Highly Commended’ placing, putting it in the top six.

Sancta Maria College’s other two entries were also well received, with ‘Anthem of our faith’ (by Maris Balili, Anna Nguyen, Audrie Mamaradlo, Daniella Joven and Patrick De Vera) being placed in the top ten and ‘If only peace were in our land’ (by Maddy Maximiano and Samuel Tan) received an impressive 70% rating from the judges.

All of the students are members of our Year 11 Music option and have risen to the task of creating thoughtful songs that reflect our school’s Catholic ethos. We can be very proud of their efforts and achievements.

Mr Stuart Gibbs