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Wrap up warm and save power

Enviro Week 2019 had overwhelmingly positive results. Warm Day saved our school 1286 kWh of energy. Sancta Maria College used 3157 kWh on the Monday of Environment Week. Through minimizing the use of lights and heaters on the Friday, only 1871 kWh was used.

Throughout the week we had a successful collection of glasses, phones and batteries. With a special request from the Student Centre mid-week for the Enviro Team to collect the batteries as the boxes were overflowing.

The bags of school grown produce which were offered on sale during Enviro week not only sold out but saw 60 more orders at the close of Enviro Week.

$300 worth of hot coffee and chocolate was sold to those who had reusable cup and lastly, $860 was raised from Warm Day Mufti. And now, one student from each Year 7 and 8 class will be awarded a pizza lunch for their decorated brown paper bags.

Katrina Chan