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Y11 History Students explore the past


Last week, 26 Year 11 History students eagerly left the campus excited to go on a field trip to Taupo, Waiouru and Rotorua. The group arrived at the Lake Taupo Resort and settled in for the next two days of fun and learning.

The first morning, they visited the fascinating volcanic plateau of the Desert Road. They then went to the Waiouru Army Museum for the rest of the day. With the museum educator, they took a fact-filled tour, learning more about New Zealand’s involvement in World War II. The students spent time in the museum library and archives gathering extensive research notes for their upcoming internal about the significance of WWII for New Zealanders.

After a busy day, back at the resort, they enjoyed their last night swimming in the thermally-heated pools. For the last day of their trip they went to Rotorua and met Mr Waaka a Kaumatau (Maori elder) at the Whakawerowero Maori Living Village. The Kaumatau gave the students a tour of his Iwi’s village and shared his father’s experiences in World War II with the group. To finish this field trip they attended a lecture by a curator from the Rotorua Museum who taught them about the involvement and significance of the 28th Maori Battalion.

Teresa Croker