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Year 10 Art Trip


On Tuesday, Year 10 art students explored the Auckland Art Gallery to further develop their art skills. During this outing, students were given time to complete a walkabout of the gallery and examine its artworks. This included multiple pieces by New Zealand artist Louise Henderson, whose work was intricate, colourful, and thought provoking, as well as crowd favourite, DiscoVerry, an interactive piece allowing students to dance to disco music in a brightly lit environment.

Following this the students were given a task to take photos channelling ten words provided to them. It was fascinating to see the wide array of interpretations of each word through the photos taken.

The students were then tasked with laying down on the grass to draw the trees above — without looking at the sheet of paper. This mindfulness activity helped students connect their hands with what they see, and although the drawings were no one’s best work, they served the purpose of bringing a sense of calm to the group.

The Year 10 students who went on this excursion would like to acknowledge all the hard work put into planning this trip by art teachers, Ms. Turner and Ms. Simmons.

Stella Cranwell