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Year 10 careers day

Albin Paulson (Year 10)

On June 30th, the Year 10s were participating in careers day. This day was filled with 5 unique, attention grabbing stations which were run by different people, and all of these helped us to get a grasp of some possible career options in the future.

One of the stations was about Financial Literacy, where the students were told about the different financial words and what they all meant in the Business world. This station was led by 3 ex-Sancta Maria students. They also gave us advice with money. This opened our eyes to opportunities in the business field and the different opportunities relating to finance.

The second station has careers based on personality. This talk required the students to pick their personality type which helped them to choose a career relating to their personality type. There were 16 different personalities and each student was given information on their strengths and weaknesses and which career correlates with their preferences.

Technotron also talked to our students about what digital technologies are and how it is shaping the world we live in today. They talked about how the world is becoming more technological as the day goes by and why taking computer programming would be a good choice. Technotron also organised an activity in which small groups were asked to turn on an LED light using python code. This activity was very hands-on and they got to have a taste on what it is like in the digital business.

The fourth station was run by Patrick Sherratt. He talked about the different methods of studying and the more and less effective ways to study. He also gave us a booklet describing the brain and how it responds to given information. This was extremely useful for future references, especially for NCEA and university.

The last station was Auckland University of Technology. People from the university discussed what life at AUT is like, and the endless opportunities in both academic and co-curricular courses that are offered. They also talked about the benefits of going to university compared to not. They organised an interactive game relating to the benefits of university – There were prizes!

Overall, the careers day was fun and enjoyable for our Year 10 students. All of us have a better idea of future careers and the jobs that await us.