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Year 10 French Trip to the Zoo

Where else would you find a depressed tortoise, a mob of meerkats, and an abundance of small children? Only the Auckland Zoo, of course.

The Year 10 French class, accompanied by Madames Read and Williams, and a special guest Chrissy, enjoyed a day at the Zoo last Wednesday, where they had fun touring, interviewing various animals in French, and sharing a delicious lunch together.

The day started when the students arrived at the zoo and split off into groups. Each group interviewed 4 animals each, and some very interesting animals were discovered.

A cheeky spider monkey, an excitable giraffe and a bored baboon were just a few examples of the many zoo residents discovered.

Later on in the afternoon, the students joined up again at the band rotunda where they shared a delectable lunch they had all contributed to, whilst watching the elephants being fed. After lunch the groups split off again to finish their tours of the zoo and returned to school just before the end of the day.

Everyone who attended enjoyed the many fun aspects of the day.

Danica Loulie-Wijtenburg