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Year 10 Itoshima High School Sports Experience


On July 23 the Itoshima students arrived at our school during our lunch break. We communicated through English and Japanese, trying to get to know each other the best we could with our limited Japanese and their limited English. We gave them a tour around Sancta Maria College during lunch time.

Our visiting students then shadowed us to our period 5 classes where they had an opportunity to experience what it is like to be students at Sancta Maria College. After school, the boys played soccer and the girls played on the playground. Eventually, we decided to play Hanaichimonme together as a big group.

On July 30, the Itoshima students visited our school for the second time. All of us and the Japanese students played soccer together on the field during our lunch break. During period 5 we played touch rugby with the Japanese students. This was organised for us by our Sports Coordinator, Mr Gutry, with assistance from the Sports Committee members. It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughter.

On July 31, the Itoshima students visited Sancta Maria College for the third and final time. During lunch, the Year 9s hosted them. We decided to make a card for them alongside the gifts that Jana and the Year 10s were preparing for each of the students. After school, we presented them the card and the gifts. After each person received their gifts, we took a big group photo together!

Cindy Tran