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Year 10s Supersize my Maths brain

Each Year 10 class were recently tasked with a project to test their work on fractions, decimals, percentages, GST, and comparing ratios all of which they integrated into a community food parcel project.

Based on a gold coin collection from each Year 10 student within the class, each class then had $60 to purchase non-perishable food items to be put together in a Pataka Kai for a family in need within our school community.

We needed to consider buying non-perishable foods like packet soup, crackers, cans of baked beans, soup, pineapple pieces, cereal etc. within a budget of $60. All planning, making a shopping list, making comparisons for better buy and shopping were initially done online. As a group we checked for the prices that were available online at a local supermarket from Monday 13 to Sunday the 17 March 2023. The skills learned helped when we were trying to find the best food options among different product brands amongst different Supermarkets.

This project helped us combine our Maths skills and Caritas contributions to gain more knowledge about the importance of money and how we can incorporate different math skills into real life situations such as shopping.  Communicating with our different groups, we were able to come up with different products that best fit our budget while also incorporating foods that would be healthy and long lasting for the family in need.

Engaging with our peers and working together in teams was a competitive challenge and an enjoyable experience.  Congratulations to 10CLE who were the winning class, as voted by all of Year 10 students.

By Kiarna Makoare.