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Year 11 Maatangi Whenua Geography

Diego Carrillo Trevino

On 15 August 2023, a group of students from the Year 11 Geography class headed to Mount Albert Grammar to compete in the annual Maatangi Whenua Geography competition. The participants representing Sancta Maria College were Diego Carrillo Trevino, Malaika Mashego, Rayan Koz; along with Enzo Scaggiante for support.

The competition consisted of eight rounds of questions. The first round was a questionnaire of current events. The following quickfire rounds of ten minutes involved partaking in activities such as making geographic features with play dough; reading and interpreting maps; identifying geographic characteristics of New Zealand; guessing concepts and countries from emojis; and identifying natural and cultural effects. The last round was known as ‘Blue’s Clues’, where the contestants had to guess the countries from a series of clues. This was one of our best rounds. In the end, we managed to position ourselves in 7th place out of 16 teams. The competition was fun and exciting – we really enjoyed our time.

On behalf of the team, we would like to thank the Social Sciences department, especially Mr Rimamate, for allowing us to participate in this competition and practice our geography skills.  All the very best to the Year 11 geographers in 2024 – we encourage you to attend.