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Year 12 and 13 Photography Trip to Auckland City

Amanda Brabant (Year 13)

On the 10th of June, Year 12 and Year 13 Photography students bussed into Auckland City in search for inspiration and creativity for their NCEA Photography folio boards. Firstly, the group visited Silo Park down by the city viaduct to explore and photograph all the different architecture possibly related to their theme. Secondly, the students visited ‘Two Rooms Gallery’, an art gallery that focusses on artwork with braille etched into the middle of the work. Further down the road within walking distance, the students entered a studio that concentrated on sun printing images onto paper with all different colours, this inspired some to sculpt and photograph this on their boards.

The students returned to the city centre, where they looked through the Auckland Art Gallery. They were left to wander around the city, to eat lunch and photograph what they thought was exciting or would aid them with their boards.

With thanks to Ms Turner and Mrs Simmons for organising the trip to Auckland City, the Senior Photography students returned to school with plenty promising photographs.