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Year 13 Retreat a voyage of self-discovery


Pulled from their warm beds and into the chilly morning, the Year 13 students began their very last Sancta Maria College retreat with a beautiful sunrise Mass on Eastern Beach.


The serene waters and the colourful hues of pink, blue and gold made the experience more memorable and more intimate for one of the students’ last gatherings together as a cohort.


After Mass the students were led into Willow Park Camp and, with the help of the LOGOS team, took part in many activities that both challenged and strengthened their bonds. Some of the activities included the Sacrament of Reconciliation, making shapes with a rope while blindfolded, writing letters to their past selves and attempting to transport their whole team across the gymnasium using only two thin planks.


The students were also given talks by our very own Dr. Laux as well as Sir Patrick Lynch, the CEO of the New Zealand Catholic Education Office, who both spoke about the connection between future vocations and the purpose given to every individual by God, a topic which is especially important for the Year 13s as they prepare to enter the world of tertiary education or the world of work.


The Year 13 Retreat is certainly something all future students should look forward to. It is a beautiful event full of self-discovery, strengthening bonds and happiness for the students to remember as they start on their new journey towards their futures outside of high school.