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Year 13 students encouraged to aim high


As they progress through their final year, Year 13 students are being encouraged to think about life after school. For many students, this means applying to university and for scholarships. On Thursday afternoon Mrs Rogers outlined the process of applying for scholarships. She informed students of the different requirements for specific scholarships and where to go to find out what scholarships are available such as from community groups and universities.

Students were further informed of the many achievements for which scholarships can be awarded, such as involvement in music, arts, the community and cultural activities as well as academic success. Mrs Rogers also gave advice on how to write a winning personal statement. Students were then informed of how to apply for a contestable scholarship and who to turn to for help, as well as the nominated scholarships that are up for grabs.

A representative from the University of Auckland, Terry Fong, also came to inform students of the four main scholarships available for the University of Auckland. This includes the Top Achiever Scholarship, the Maori Academic Excellence Scholarship, the Pacific Academic Excellence Scholarship and the Academic Potential Scholarship. Terry Fong also encouraged students to apply for scholarships even if they don’t think they will receive the scholarship as it takes very little effort to apply, but the rewards can be huge. Students were also informed of the various amounts the scholarships are worth and what the money can go towards.

Thank you, Mrs Rogers and the careers department, as well as Terry Fong for giving up your time to inspire the Year 13 students to apply for scholarships and think about their future.

Sophia Bebelman