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Year 13s make the most of their Retreat

As Year 13s of Sancta Maria College, we have a lot more privileges than we used to. This year, for our year level retreat, we were fortunate enough to go to Willow Park Christian Convention Centre along with Father Kevin, Ms Fouhy, Mr Piggin and many more staff members who would lead us through the day’s activities.

We started the day off pretty early. We had to be at Eastern Beach by 7am to celebrate Mass with Father Kevin. As the sun rises over the sea, Father proclaims the word of God and celebrates the Eucharist.

We then had a “full on” breakfast before starting our activities such as meditation, reconciliation, validation and so on and so forth. During the day, we were lucky enough to have William Pike, a mountaineer who lost his leg after an incident in Mt Ruapehu, to inspire our whole year level using the story of his journey.

Afterwards, we had lunch and continued on with the rest of our activities before ending the day with a small liturgy.

Overall, the whole year level had an absolutely amazing time. We thank Ms Fouhy, Mr Piggin, Mrs Heffernan, Father Kevin, Mrs Oliver and all the staff involved.


Meggue Cruz