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Year 7 feel part of the family

Year 7 students enjoyed their first Sancta Maria College retreat earlier this week, taking part in mindful activities and team building exercises.

Rays of sunlight shone down on the Year 7 students as they began their journey to the Korean church, where the retreat was held. It was a great way to bond and make new friendships through fun games and activities. The retreat occurred on the same day as Ash Wednesday, so it was a brilliant way to start the Lenten season.

There were five workshops run by Year 13 students which included drama, team building, singing, art, and some writing. One of the favourite sessions was team building, which taught the year 7s about trusting one another and working together.

One of the fun activities in this session was when one person was blindfolded and had to collect big jigsaw pieces scattered across the ground, with only the aid of a classmate’s voice to guide them. In another workshop, students got the chance to write a time capsule letter to ourselves that would only be opened when they got to Year 13.

During the day, we were given two breaks, morning tea and lunch. The year 7s were given delicious pizza but because it was Ash Wednesday, they only got vegetarian ones! But it still was nice to try out new things.

The retreat was a fun experience and the students could not have enjoyed their time more. It was great to meet some of the Year 13s and get to know them.

Aaron Santoso