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Year 7 Netball boys take out the win


On the 7 August, the Year 7 and 8 boys and girls Sancta Maria College netball teams competed at AMI (Auckland Netball Centre) in the 2018 South Eastern Zone Girls and Boys Netball Tournament. The day consisted of many South-Eastern schools playing each other in games of two 10-minute halves.

The tournament was a massive success for the school, who organised and ran the event, and for the players, coaches, and umpires. There was also a tremendous amount of support from the parents of the youngsters playing, who came along and watched their children. All of the players were very lucky to be playing on such a beautiful, bright, sunny, day.

Overall, six teams were representing the school; four of which were girls’ teams (7A, 7B, 8A, and 8B) and the other two groups were boys’ teams (Year 7 boys and Year 8 boys). All of the teams showed fantastic sportsmanship and respect for each other, the umpires and their opposition.

Special congratulations must go to the Year 7 boys, coached by Miss Samaeli and Mia Gilchrist, for placing first in the competition. The Year 7 boys (Allan, Alfonso, Morgan, Keelan, Tayler, Joah, Sam, Zephaniah, Antonie, and Ashton) won all five games, including their final. They began the day playing against Bucklands Beach Intermediate (BBI), winning 12-1. They then took on Howick, scoring another impressive win 5-1, followed by playing Somerville and winning 9-3. The boys last game before their finals was against Farm Cove. This was a nerve-racking game to watch as the boys were tied 2-2 at halftime, but ended up winning 6-3. For the boys’ final (playing for first place), they played Farm Cove again, who were in second place, and won 5-3.

The boys all demonstrated excellent values and represented the school well, cheering for each other, and supporting and encouraging other teams. The Sancta Maria College Year 7 boys have been training very hard this term and all throughout Term 2 and will now continue to train hard and prepare for the Auckland Interzone Netball Championships later this year. The Year 8 boys finished in a commendable 6th place, well done!

All of the girls’ teams faced hard competition. The girls 8A team and the 8B team placed 7th, and both the 7A team and 7B team placed 5th. All of the girls’ teams did well, showing a tremendous amount of effort.

A huge thank you goes out to Mrs Judd, Mr Hunn and Mr Te Amo who organised the day and made sure that it ran smoothly. Another thank you also goes to all of the volunteers who helped out (the students in the coordinator’s room, the umpires, the coaches and the teachers). A round of applause to all of the players for trying their best and making the day fun for everyone.

Mia Gilchrist