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Year 7 Retreat

Kenny Padathiparambil (Year 13)

Monday was a thrilling day for the Year 7’s as they explored their first retreat at Sancta Maria College, which was led by the Year 13 Prefect Team.

This memorable day enabled students to reconnect with God by understanding their uniqueness, importance in the community, their choices, and their own gifts. Each student had their own activity book where they were able to reflect on themselves as they learned about why Jesus is at the centre of our community.

The students were given the opportunity to collaborate with their peers, share opinions, and acknowledge the gifts of both their classmates as well as themselves. This retreat proved that each Year 7 had leadership inside of them as they uplifted each other and showed fantastic decision-making skills.

To keep the students energised throughout the day, our prefect leaders organised breaks from the book activities by playing exciting games on the field. The biggest treat of the day, however, was an ice cream truck which was arranged for the students during interval!

Before the retreat ended, each prefect leader taught their group of Year 7’s a TikTok dance. Not only was it a great way to finish, but the students felt free to unleash their inner selves!

The Year 7 Retreat truly kickstarted the year by highlighting our school’s motto “Faith is our Compass.”