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Year 7s can’t wait for sing off


Singing to the tune of radio hits like Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ and Cardi B’s ‘Finesse’ to an old school classic like YMCA, the Year 11/Year 7 Peer Support Sing Off for 2018 is going to be one full of great music, competition and excitement.

The annual Peer Support Sing Off competition between Year 7 classes will be taking place on the last day of term during homeroom and will be held in the auditorium. It is an opportunity for the Year 7s to share their creativity and talents and also come together to showcase the songs they have been working on tirelessly with their Year 11 Peer Support Leaders since Term 2.

The students have changed the lyrics of some of their favourite songs so they are based on their classroom, what school life is like and reflect the values of the school.

Year 11 Peer Support Leaders Lars Bosales, Oliver Tamayo, Owen Tamayo, Claire Barbafiera and Lorenzo Cruz talked about the preparation for the big sing off. They have really enjoyed working and developing the songs with their homerooms. Owen says that his favourite part about preparing for the sing off was getting the chance to brainstorm ideas with the Year 7s and getting to see a new side of them, as they worked hard to come up with original lyrics.

The leaders love the competitive aspect of the sing off and say that one thing that is cool about it is getting to compete with other classes and with each other. Lorenzo says, “ Seeing that the Year 7s can contribute and seeing their creative side will be awesome.”

They believe that the Year 7 students can learn a lot from participating in the sing off. Oliver emphasized that learning how to work as a team will be important. And the leaders also believe that the sing off will only help the juniors to grow in confidence as they are challenged to get out of their comfort zone and push past their limits.

Not only have the Peer Support Leaders been able to bring out the best in the Year 7 students through this process but they’ve also honed their own leadership skills, becoming more self-assured, resilient and better able to communicate with others.

When asked about what they think the experience will be like participating in a sing off now as leaders just like they did when they were in Year 7, they said,” It will be just like déjà vu.”

Claire says, “I think it’ll be cool to see the difference between us and the Year 7s now and see if they’re any different. Because I know I was a shy kid and (it will be cool to see) if these Year 7s are more outgoing.”

Lars added:  “You see yourself through them, and you kind of acknowledge how you’ve changed over time.”

It looks like the Year 11/Year 7 Peer Support Sing Off for 2018 is going to be a huge success. It is known as a highlight of Peer Support and no doubt the students will be able to end the term with a bang.

Shontelle Matano