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Year 7s Contribute to the Environment


The environment is indeed in danger, with our native bush and fish species being threatened. Well, the Year 7s of 2019 decided to contribute and help save Mother Earth by dressing in their planting gear and going out to plant some trees.

Year 7 split into two groups: One group tree planting, and the other group doing 5 activities run by the Enviroschool leaders. The ones who tree planted first went down to the stream. The leaders then showed us how to plant the trees in the ground properly. Afterwards, the Year 7s planted the trees, each group planting in a different place. They planted many different types of trees including Manuka, Silk and many more. After we planted the trees, we went back to the meeting area where we got apples, muesli bars and water.

While one group is doing the tree planting, the other group does 5 activities run by the enviro sponsors and leaders. The activities were how to care for a stream and the fish living in it, The Drain Game which was about what water does in our drains, the chemical reactions when it rains, mapping to find drains and the wetlands. These were very enjoyable, and the Year 7s learnt new things.

Overall, enviro day was great fun, with activities that help us learn and appreciate the environment and how to plant trees.

Jermaine Daclan