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Year 7s Fun and Games Day


On Friday, April 5, the Year 7s came to school dressed in their P.E. gear for a day of Tabloid Sports. The students involved smiled all day and cheered for their teammates. All would agree that it was a fun day!

When the Homeroom bell rang, the senior leaders running the event picked up the students from their classes. They ran 5 events which were: Touch Rugby, ABL Games (Basketball & Netball), Multi-sports, Capture the Flag and the most fun of all: The Water Slide.

All 5 Year 7 Classes took turns rotating between the activities, 1 per period. When they had a go on the Water Slide the students slid to the grass and got muddy and dirty! But everyone had a lot of fun, and all the boys slid together in a group trying to complete a stunt. The sport activities taught us that when we work together as a team, we can accomplish great things.

During Capture the Flag, the teams were fiercely working together to capture the other team’s players. When some of them were captured by the other team teamwork saved them. The 4 Sports Activities were kind of hard because of the hot weather.

The Year 7s had a blast, and I am sure that they would want to do it all over again.

Jermaine Daclan