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Year 8 camp


The students left early Tuesday morning with their bags all packed and eagerly hopped onto the bus ready to set off for the adventures ahead.

Once they arrived at Camp Adair they were assigned to their cabin groups which were a “race to see who would get the top bunk,” and then came the fun part-the activities.

Even though the activities are the same for every Year 8 camp, for each new cohort they are something new and students had a fantastic time.

Whether you like heights or challenging obstacles there’s something for everyone to try. One Year 8 student said that the giant swing was his favourite, “The adrenaline when you’re standing up there and the butterflies you get when you swing down was awesome.”

Day by day the activities became, even more, fun from the tricky sky islands, intense rock climbing and of course the muddy confidence course. Another student said that “The most challenging activity was the confidence course because I tried my best not to get muddy, and you didn’t want to go swimming in the mud either.”

On Wednesday night the students played a game where they had to design and create on one of their group a wedding dress all made out of toilet paper. The students had many laughs and were all on a roll.

As the week came to an end, many memories and friendships were made, as a student says, “I got to make new friends who I never thought I would actually get to know.”

The Year 8 camp was great fun and will leave the students with many happy memories.

Francesca Adams