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Year 8 Retreat

Aaron Santoso (Year 8)

At the end of the term, Year 8s got to experienced their own retreat! Not only were friendships strengthened, memories made, and some lessons learnt, but the Year 8s also had a few giggles and laughs along the way!

The retreat was held in our auditorium and chapel by the LOGOS group – A Marist youth development organization. The theme for the day was ‘Friend in ME’, which was composed of three sessions.

The first session mainly revolved around trust. For our first activity, the auditorium had been set up with tons of randomly placed obstacles (looking a lot like a teenager’s bedroom!) The aim was to collect lollipops that had been scattered throughout the area. Only one person could enter the area at a time and if they touched an obstacle, they had to leave the lollies and exit the area. But when entering the area, a blindfold must be put on. Only the voice of your partner can direct you through the challenge. After the intense experience of shouting at your partner, a calm reflection soon followed.

The second session was about communication and co-operation. The task was to build a specific structure with your team. Some people had certain roles to play, one being the designer. Two people would play this role, instructing the team what to do. Students were physically not allowed to touch the materials and equipment but were the only ones who knew what they were building. This strengthened communication skills between the team.

The last session was a calm drawing activity to bring the retreat to a close. Each person had to draw an anchor with their qualities and traits written around it. It was a great time for self-reflection.

A big thank you to the LOGOS group for organising the retreat and making it fun for the students. Not only were the activities fun and enjoyable, but pizza lunch was also provided. The Year 8s now can’t wait for their next retreat!