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Year 8 Tabloid Sports

Aaron Santoso (Year 8)

Hearts pumping, adrenaline rushing, red burning cheeks. The Year 8s had school replaced with Tabloid sports day on Friday. Since Covid crossed off this event last year, they were lucky to have the event held to raise house spirit and team bonding.

The Year 8 cohort was split into their houses and had four stations eagerly waiting for them. One of them was a thrilling game of capture the flag. Each house would be split into two teams with various items placed on both sides of the field. The objective was to bring all the items to your side of the field without being tagged.

Another station involved a blindfold, obstacles, and a leader’s voice. Players had to line up and hold shoulders of the person in front of them. All were blindfolded except for the leader, who was at the back. The leader had to send signals to prevent them from crashing.

The next station was the game Assassin, basically, baseball with a few alterations. Some of the fielding teams were allowed to hit the opposing team with dodge balls as they were running around the bases. If you got hit, you were out. And the batting team had limited number of bats. If you got out, you lost a bat.

The last station was much more relaxed playing a few games. It started with a boy vs girl game. When the music started, players in the centre had to grab a person from the opposite gender to take their place. This process would repeat until the music stopped. The gender with the least amount of people in the centre would win. Those who lost had to face the punishment: Dancing in front of everyone. We also played octopus and “So Makalo” (a Tongan hand game).

But the favourite was the tug of war at the very end. All four houses came together and battled each other in an intense game of pulling and cheering. No house would give up easily! They pulled and tugged with all their might until the ribbon would cross one of the lines.

A big thanks to the sports committee and staff who made this event possible. The year 8s thoroughly enjoyed the experience and could not have had a better day.