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Year 8s return from fun filled camp

The excited chatter from the Year 8 students filled the auditorium Tuesday morning as they got ready to depart Sancta Maria College. This four-day camp at YMCA Camp Adair in Hunua, is a great opportunity for the students to develop skills in a different learning environment through a range of activities.

The activities were: Super Fox (a very long flying fox), Crate Challenge (stack crates on top of each other), Confidence Course (mini activities involving mud), Pamper Pole (the highest activity reaching 15m high which you climb up and then jump off), Climbing Wall (rock climbing), Camp Cooking (making a camp fire and making and eating damper bread), Cargo Climb (climbing up a rope wall), archery (we learnt the techniques of archery and a few people got a bulls eye!), High Swing (a massive swing), Initiatives (develops teamwork) and Islands in the Sky (jumping across platforms that are at a high elevation).

Just before dinner, some students did the mudslide which was optional. After dinner, we watched Aladdin in our sleeping bags, did activities in the gym or read a book or drew in the dining hall and in our activity groups, On the last night we had a campfire going. While one group sang a song, we had to decide which activity group was going to roast their marshmallows first in the campfire. Another group had a challenge to dress someone up as a bride using two rolls of toilet paper (most of the ‘brides’ were boys!).

Thank you to all the parent helpers, teachers, the YMCA instructors and the people who organised the camp for making this an extremely enjoyable time for all of us despite the atrocious weather.

Cyprus Causer