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Year 9 Drama Performance!

Jermaine Daclan (Year 9)

On the 9th of June, after a term of practice, the Y9 Drama group was ready to present their hard work to Room 11 from the Sancta Maria Primary School. The hour was filled with joy and excitement, as the primary school students were enthralled by the performance.

As the children quietly waited in the audience, they were surprised to see the Year 9s all dressed in costume. After a quick introduction, the first group went on stage. Their songs and dances had the children laughing! Some of the children in the audience were even asked to be involved from defeating the dragon to finding some pieces of treasure! The characters each student portrayed made the play lively and enjoyable! The children really enjoyed the show and are looking forward to another performance in the future!

The Y9 Drama group put a lot of hard work into preparing for the show. Starting from the beginning of the term, the class got into groups and devised a show for that would appeal to school children as the audience. The aim was to make a successful show from scratch. Some groups devised a dance, some rehearsed songs, and the groups thought how to include the children in the play. Through every lesson, their show got better and better until it was show time!

The class would like to thank Ms. Black for giving the students an amazing time, and to the primary school for bringing the children over to watch and enjoy the show!