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Year 9 experiences an ‘active’ day


The first day of the Year 9 Education Outside The Classroom ( EOTC ) Week was tiring but also very exciting! Enhancing and complementing the learning inside the classrooms, this programme created a new opportunity for our students to bond and learn different things. Today was the Active Lifestyles – Volcanic Walk in the city!

The Year 9 cohort took a 40 minute bus ride into the city and visited Mount Eden and One Tree Hill. Learning about Physical Education’s ‘Active Lifestyles’ and Science and Social Sciences ‘Geology and Maori Culture’, in front of our eyes was an amazing experience. Our first stop was Mt Eden. Hiking up and back down 7 kilometres of Mount Eden, everyone took some amazing photos and had lots of fun!

After our Mount Eden adventure, we walked 2 kilometres to Cornwall Park, One Tree Hill. There, we took a small break and headed off to climb One Tree Hill. Facing some steep slopes and rocky paths, we climbed all the way to the summit of One Tree Hill. Looking from the edges of the summit, we were able to see some amazing views of houses, oceans and areas of forest. We took some more photos and made more memories!

Although our hiking adventure was exciting, everybody was tired and ready for a snack. All the Year 9s were taken to the conservatory where we ate our lunch and played different sports and games. With the extra sports gear taken along, different groups played various sports like volleyball, touch and we even hung around the playground. We were able to buy ice cream to cool ourselves down from the exertions of the day.

Our tiring yet exciting day was an amazing experience for the whole year level. It could not have been possible without our dean Mr Camp and the other teachers who supervised and supported us throughout the day. We look forward to the fun week ahead!

Jennifer Zeng