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Year 9 students of Japanese visit the zoo

 The photographer called out ‘ROAR’ and at that moment an image was captured.

And on that very day there were many more still pictures and video clips captured by our Year 9 Japanese language students as they made their way around the zoo in groups to complete their language tasks.

The brief was to collect digital data of the settings, the sights, the interesting moments in the lives of the zoo animals and their ‘own moments’ on the trip.

The students had to read some questions in Japanese while carrying out their tasks. Back in the classroom they will be expected to use their collected data collaboratively to construct their language tasks in written and aural narratives in Japanese. They will use digital tools so that these can be shared with students at other schools in New Zealand and in Japan.

It was a fun-filled and educational day and the students look forward to sharing their completed language work in the near future.