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Year 9s reflect on their uniqueness


Run by the LOGOS team, the Year 9 Retreat was filled with three activities involving teamwork, problem solving and reflection. Since the theme was ‘Filter’, we were split into 6 groups, from ‘F’ to ‘R’ to complete the challenges.

The first activity included rolling the dice to collect a number of different icons, each of which contributed to a type of relationship. There was an intense competition as the groups raced around, looking for icons and trading them with other people. We learnt about our different relationships and how they affected us. Then in our separate groups, we talked about who would we go to if we had problems.

After a break, each group received a number of pipes and some large slabs of cardboard – with which to construct a marble run. Most groups were successful, although there was one that was only a metre long and a couple in which the marble got stuck. The big twist was that each member in the group would have a ‘filter’ that was completely different from them. During the building process, many found this activity challenging because the effort used to be someone you are not was very difficult. This challenge taught us the effort used to hold up a persona.

The day ended with a reflective time where we received a pack of cards to write 10 good things about ourselves – because it showed us that we don’t need filters. The LOGOS team had us reflect on what we learnt and help us boost our self-confidence and be happy with who we are. We had to write 10 things about ourselves that we liked- physical or mental. We were all given 5 pieces of paper and a ring so that we could look back when we feel bad. By doing this, we can see that we all have beautiful and unique features that make us who we are.

Filters in real life can be used by anyone. They put up this persona to hide themselves because they have the fear of being judged. Their personality changes just to ‘fit in’ with all the ‘popular’ kids. There are many side-effects to having a ‘mask’. Depression, loss of identity, always tired, pushing away their loved ones and many more. Filters are dangerous and shouldn’t be used. You are perfect just the way you are, don’t change just because you don’t ‘fit in’. You are special, unique and loved. Don’t change because your opinion of yourself is the only one that counts!

Overall the day taught us that God made us who we are, and we shouldn’t need to hide our true selves from other people – because we are God’s artwork, and each one of us is special in our own way.

Alanna Santoso and Johann Ang