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Youth Peace Week a Success

Last month Sancta Maria held its annual ‘Youth Peace Week’. The school’s Peace Committee came together to organise interesting activities throughout the week. The theme this year is diversity, and our school has chosen to focus on diversity in values.

At the start of the week, we asked the middle school leaders to draw, paint, or create digital posters relating to diversity and peace. We put these around the school, hoping to spread positivity and happiness.

On the Wednesday, we had a Caritas mufti day. Everyone donated a gold coin for people in need due to coronavirus. Everyone was able to wear their own clothes and spread diversity in their style and were also able to bring peace between economic divisions through donations.

During intervals and lunches, the Peace Committee came around the school with a banner. This banner has a large logo of the Sancta Maria College schooner, and we have been asking individuals to write their answers to questions about diversity/peace on the sails. Some questions were “What’s another word to explain diversity?” and “What do you value most?” We are going to be bringing this banner to represent our school at the Peace Symposium next week.

We also had an art competition happening where we asked individuals to create art in any medium relating to diversity and peace. These entries were due on the 10th of August and the winner gets a free pizza lunch.

Overall, Peace Week was another success and an eye-opening experience for our students.

Samara Anubhav