Teachers from all over New Zealand have travelled to Sancta Maria College for a two-day conference, focused on Kahui Ako leadership.

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The UNISS 2018 netball tournament for top Secondary school teams, players, managers, umpires and coaches, was held at Harbourside Netball Centre in Mount Maunganui from Monday, September 3 Friday, September 7. This Upper North Island competition consisted of 120 teams playing each other to secure a placing in a grade for next season. The tournament allows schools to enter their top premier team to play two games of netball each day (four 10-minute quarters for one game) in four different grades, A, B, C and D. At the end of the week, the bottom teams of A, B and C grade move down a grade and the top teams from B, C and D move up for next year’s netball season. In A, B, and C grade, there were 32 different teams, and in D grade, there were 24 teams. Last year, Sancta Maria College’s premier team placed in the bottom 16 of B grade. This year’s team was determined to do better than that.

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The Year 9 MAX class had the pleasure of experimenting with Spheros, a small robot which gained its name from its spherical shape. Discovering how these robots worked and using them was already a class favourite, as they had already learnt the basics of how to manoeuvre and operate the Spheros. Their new task was to investigate and explore the relationship between time, speed and distance.

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